Welcome to the Amatsuhealth Clinic of Traditional Integrated Japanese Medicine

Treatment is provided by Mr Sukh Padda, who has over 5 years of clinical experience and has studied extensively in the West. The following provides an overview of our approach.

Traditional Japanese Medicine (TJM) is probably one of Japans best kept secrets, which integrates Physical medicine, Emotional medicine, Energy medicine, Chemical medicine and Environmental/Spiritual medicine, for prevention, recovery and enhancement. TJM has many guidance and philosophical principles, for health, mobility and life. The first of these is known as “Gairon” (Said Gai-®lon) which translates to mean “The bigger picture, consider everything, discount nothing, use the best available and find that which is not obvious” relating to health, happiness, strategy and life. The second guiding philosophy and principle, relates to “The Big Five – factors of health and mobility” termed “Godai” in Japanese (Said “Go-di). The big five (Godai) is a mnemonic that has many levels of understanding and application. Initially it relates to the fact that our health and mobility is integrated and not individualized.

At a basic level the big five relates to the integration and interdependence of;

  1. Physical health - Musculoskeletal system, posture, mobility, integration, etc
  2. Mind health - Emotional system, thoughts, reactions, mind integration
  3. Energy health - Internal and External energy, meridians, chakra’s, aura, etc
  4. Chemical health - Nutrition, absorption, organ processing, excretion, etc
  5. Environment health - Ergonomics, climate, spirituality, inside and outside, etc

Modern medicine, complimentary, alternative and what is often termed mainstream or biomedicine often focuses on just one of the big five (Godai) and in many cases only focuses on individual parts within each of these, for example we now have doctors/practitioners who specialise in just our physical health or our emotional/mind health, our urinary system, our digestive system, nutrition, etc… These specialists do very good work and often help to save our lives.

However, the food we eat, the thoughts that go through our mind, the flow of energy around our body, the conditions we live and work within, the way we use our mind and body, affects our health and mobility.

Amatsuhealth TJM treatment is therefore directed to the balance of all of the big five (Godai) and not at just one of them. This integrated and natural approach assists your body in restoring balance and harmony, within each part at the same time as restoring the integrated balance and harmony. For example in clinical practice, a person with a back pain/condition is treated locally the area of the pain/condition. Whilst also ‘balancing’ the energy system, harmonizing of the internal organs, calming of the mind, advice on the foods to eat and avoid and the ‘teaching’ of specific ‘exercises’ to assist in prevention and recovery. Therefore all Physical treatment includes the balancing of all five of these areas. Simply put, if a person has a stiff neck, then this is treated whilst also treating/balancing the hara (belly and pelvis) the feet, the hands and the spine.

If we have imbalanced muscles and joints then the body is like a ‘leaking bucket’ therefore the ‘balancing’ of the physical aspect of the big five is essential for nutritional health

At Amatsuhealth we actively encourage and continually advocate the importance of prevention. In Japan and other Eastern countries they are amazed that in the West we only go to see a doctor or therapist when we are ill, they ask why get ill in the first place, is it not better to prevent ill health? A very reasonable question when you think about it!

People from all walks of life can benefit from Traditional Japanese Medicine


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