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Allergies According To NAET

Are categorised as;

  • Ingestants - something that we eat, drink or swallow. i.e. foods, drinks, nutrients, drugs, food additives, etc.
  • Inhalants - something that is inhaled. i.e. pollens, airborne particles, dust, chemical vapours, etc.
  • Contactants - something that we touch. i.e. chemicals, fabrics, cleaning agents, plastics, etc.
  • Environmental - i.e. cold, heat, humidity, wind, electro magnetic radiation e.g. from mobile phones, transmitter aerials and things in our immediate environment.
  • Internal factors or autoimmune - i.e. rejection of a transplanted organ or one of the many autoimmune diseases, such as the joint capsules in rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Injectants - insect bites, stings, drugs & immunisations.
  • Parasites - bacteria, viruses, worms, moulds, yeasts, fungi, candida, etc..
  • Emotional factors - painful memories from previous emotional trauma that has not been assimilated appropriately or resolved.

The NAET perspective is a holistic view of health, so we accept that some of these ideas could be viewed as controversial, from a western medical perspective. In short - we consider anything that has a detrimental effect on our energy system, and therefore health, to be regarded as an allergen.

We are not saying that it is the substance or situation that is the cause. These are merely triggers that set off a reaction within ourselves. So it is our own adverse reaction to that substance, situation or even parts of ourselves (in the cases of autoimmune diseases) that is the problem and not the ‘allergen’ itself.

Levels of Allergies

Allergies affecting the Physical Level (1) If there is a structural of physical involvement as a result of an allergen, the body might experience pain, stiffness, muscle spasms, etc. Often the allergen is a contactant and the skin may be involved.

Allergies affecting the Nutritional Level (2) If there is a biochemical or nutritional involvement as a result of an allergen, the allergen could be a food item, or a chemical that entered the body via ingestion, injection, and inhalation. The allergen reacts at the metabolic (cellular) level.

Allergies affecting the Emotional Level (3) If there is a psychological or genetic involvement, the allergens may have attached to an emotional trauma or experience.


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