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Benefits of NAET

Finding allergies and eliminating them is a positive step in helping your body return to its normal balance metabolic state of homeostasis. Energy is no longer wasted on allergic reactions, but instead can be spent on detoxifying and healing.

Future health problems can be prevented by strengthening the immune system and by maintaining a properly functioning metabolism.

NAET assists the body by reprogramming the brain to accept and fully utilize the food and nutrient substances needed for growth and maintenance. Eliminating allergies also aids in all other forms of conventional and complementary therapy.

Can NAET Help Me?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • 1. Do I have allergies?
  • 2. Are these allergies affecting my health & quality of life?
  • 3. Has previous medical care been unable to free me of my allergies?
  • 4. Would I appreciate a painless, non-invasive, natural technique to rid me of my allergies?
  • 5. Would I like to be involved in a learning technique to improve my health?

If you have answered “YES” to any of these questions, NAET may be right for you

Case Study

- Suma George

“When I first applied to join Amatsuhealth Clinic’s NAET allergy programme I was experiencing all sorts of problems. I have suffered from asthma since my 20s. I then developed severe sinusitis with a constant runny nose, watery eyes, heavy mucus and breathing difficulties. I was regularly using an inhaler for my asthma, but still suffered from shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing.

I had been treated using the NAET technique in India and my condition stabilised for several years, but when I got married and moved to England my symptoms returned in quite a severe way. I was so pleased to find that the Amatsuhealth Clinic have brought the NAET technique to the UK, and couldn’t wait for my first appointment. 

The first thing Sukh Padda did was to screen me using the ASYRA scanning device (although the complete test was an extra cost it was worth it) to find out the complete list of allergens that were affecting me. This was quick and painless – I just held a metal cylinder in each hand for a few minutes then the results appeared automatically on the screen. The results showed that I was allergic to mould, dampness and dust, as well as grasses and pollens. When Sukh Padda did the manual NAET tests he also found that I was even allergic to the carpet in my flat!

Sukh Padda started the treatment programme by addressing my mould, dampness and dust allergies. While I held a vial in my hand, he gently manipulated my back for a few minutes. I then had to lie on the couch holding the vial for 20 minutes. Sukh Padda then tested the strength of my muscle response to the dust allergen and it was much stronger than before. After the first treatment I noticed a big improvement with my running nose and mucus virtually gone.

I have now had five treatments and feel so much better that I have hardly needed to use my inhaler!  I am so pleased I discovered the Amatsuhealth Clinic. If you suffer from allergies I would recommend you give them a call about their NAET Allergy protocol. It’s painless and quick, and they are very nice and helpful people” 

Suma George, Hounslow, Middlesex    More NAET Case studies


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