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Testing & Treatment

missing image fileA sample of the allergen is held in the hand and any negative or weakening effect on the person’s system is tested using the Muscle Response Test. This test is repeated to establish if the problem exists on a Physical, Chemical &/or the Cellular/Emotional level. Once these are established we can establish which of the meridians (energy channels/systems) are affected by the allergen. With this information, then the disharmony caused can be clearing by stimulating the appropriate acupuncture points by hand (acupressure), which lie over the spinal nerve roots and on the head. Doing this in the presence of the allergen, thereby harmonises “de-sensitises” it to the system.
By holding the allergen sample vial a certain way in the hand, the patient’s sensory nerves in the finger tips focuses the central nervous system on the sample being tested. While most of the testing & treatment is done using our own NAET sample vials, of which we have several hundred to work with and have access to thousands, if we need something unusual/specific. Sometimes, however it is easier for the patient (friend or relative, if very allergic) to bring in a sample themselves of a specific item that they may be reacting to. We can either make a sample to use (and to add to our collection for future use with others) or use the item directly.

How Many Sessions Will Be Needed?

A comprehensive NAET program is followed to the needs of the individual patient, and carries according to the overall severity of the allergic condition, the number of allergens involved, and the strength of the patient’s response to treatment. Obviously, this is a highly variable situation for the patient who has only recently become allergic and whose immune system responds quickly, the number of sessions will be far less than the patient who has had severe allergic reactions for many years.

What Happens After NAET?

Following the clearing of energy blockages, the allergen can be rechecked to see if the body has accepted the clearing process. After stimulation of specific acupressure points and a period of observation along with continued contact with the allergen in a free-flowing energy state, the patient is sent home to finish the clearing cycle.

Since bio-electromagnetic energy flow is governed by the body’s biological time clock, the patient AVOIDS ALL CONTACT with the tested allergens for a 25 hour period immediately following the NAET This allows the newly reprogrammed energy to be exposed to the 12 major meridians as the body cycles through its time clock. At the end of 25 hours, the patient is rechecked to verify that all allergic responses to the allergen are eliminated or whether some complexity needs to be re-evaluated in some situations further clearing may be needed to completely eliminate an allergy. When the clearing process is completed, it appears that the allergy is eliminated from the body’s cellular memory.


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