Our treatment protocol begins with a full body diagnostic which includes:
Spinal Scan
Foot Scan
Asyra – Basic Nutritional Scan
Acugraph Scan – Meridian Energy Testing
Kinesiology Muscle Testing of Major
Joints and Organs

From the information we gather during the diagnostic stage we are able to offer a comprehensive treatment plan for your total wellbeing. Our treatments cover physical wellbeing and treatments for allergies.

The treatments we offer include:

Traditional Japanese Medicine -  for all physical conditions

NAET – Our Allergy and Food Sensitivity Treatment protocol

Airnergy – Our Oxygen Therapy Protocol


Feel free to look around the site and decide for yourself, or contact us  for further information or to arrange a no obligation consultation.

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We take pride in the level of service and care that we provide to our clients who come from all walks of life and age groups. If you would like to read how we have helped them in their own words, please visit our testimonials section.

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o Half price consultation (physical or allergy)

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