Are you suffering from fatigue, bloating, headaches, water retention, poor skin, poor sleep or find yourself gaining weight rather than losing it?

The UK’s Most Comprehensive Food Sensitivity-Screening Test
will advise you of what foods are making you ill

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Until now you would have had to pay hundreds of pounds to have a 100 or so foods tested. But how would you like to have a food sensitivity test which not only tested hundreds of foods but also tested which nutrients you were lacking, how toxic you are and what you need to do to get rid of your sensitivities, and all this for a fraction of the cost of many other tests out there today.

You are probably like the thousands of people in the UK (of which I used to be one!) who are suffering from poor health but don’t know why. You may have been to the doctor had numerous tests done but still don’t have an answer. Well you may be like the majority of the population who are be suffering from a food sensitivity.

How does our Food Sensitivity Screening work?

Our Food Sensitivity Screening is split into three stages;

1.      You take the AcalkTM saliva and urine test over the course of a normal day and note the down the results on the questionnaire. This is then sent to the laboratory for analysis to produce a profile of your vitamin and mineral make up. Once your profile has been established, the laboratory will provide a read out of foods you are sensitive to, from more than 200+ foods.

2.    A comprehensive symptom analysis questionnaire is completed by you and reviewed using a bespoke software programme against the symptoms and cures of several thousand previous participants.

3.  You will be sent a comprehensive confidential report, which will provide you with the following assessment;

  • List of the foods you should avoid, for how long, and a guide on how to reintroduce them
  • A Detox programme
  • Details of the Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Fatty Acids you need to take and what levels you need
  • Candida Albican Assessment
  • Dairy Intolerance Level
  • Glucose Intolerance Level
  • Acid Imbalance Level
  • Gluten Imbalance Level
  • Blood Sugar Imbalance
  • Hormone Imbalance Level
  • Histamine Imbalance Level
  • Adrenaline Balance Assessment
  • IBS Assessment
  • Homocysteine Balance
  • Stimulant Dependence


  • Nutrition Diary Chart
  • Food combining recommendation

The whole process takes between 21 - 28 days and is done via the post you do not need to visit our clinic to have the test done and is suitable for children and adults alike.

The test works by analsying the effects of food on your acid/alkaline balance. As mentioned previously a highly acidic environment is a perfect breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria producing toxins which impairs your immune system leading to a variety of health issues including food sensitivities. The saliva test measures the ph balance at the beginning of the digestive process whereas the urine test measures the ph balance at the end of the digestive process. In addition a pulse rate diary will assess the effects of different foods on your pulse rate as certain foods can increase or decrease your blood pressure. In this way your acid/alkaline balance is measured throughout the whole digestive process.

The test is based also at looking at the component of a specific food. For example you may have a sensitivity to say potato so you avoid it to de-sensitise yourself. You then consume a food from the same “family” as the potato but have a sensitivity to it. What this is suggesting is that the potato is not the problem but a component of it such as starch or a specific mineral etc. So your report may contain foods that you do not eat or eat rarely this is because at the time of taking the test you consumed a food which shares the same component as the food on the list, so the report is flagging up a possible problem with this food if you were to consume it. In this way the test is able to analyse against 200+ foods.

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“We were astounded by the accuracy of the results”

______________Destiny Magazine

“Until I received the results of the Food Sensitivity Screen I continually suffered from fatigue, now for the first time in years I have the energy to do all the things I enjoy”

______________Anne Roberts, Teacher

“For years I was trying to loose weight but always seem to put it on. I was astounded to find out it was the apples that I ate everyday that was causing me a problem. I thought they were doing me some good!”

______________Stephanie Wood, Hairdresser


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