The Amatsuhealth Clinic is one of the first clinics in the UK to use the radiation-free myovision diagnostic product. It measures your spinal shape and mobility of your spine safely, accurately and quickly in both initial assessment and follow up treatments.  No other standard procedure provides functional data of the spinal column as fast, reliable and OBJECTIVE as the myovision.  Using this technology we are able to take correct measurements and assess your problem objectively

We therefore can:

  • Objectively identify hypo (stiff segments) and hyper mobile (too mobile) vertebral segments
  • Objectively measure impact and success of treatment plans
  • Provide pre and post measurements for specific treatment plans
  • Measure and document new injuries in cases where existing diagnostic tools are unable to deliver results

It’s long been known that abnormal positioning (posture) and movements of individual joints of the spine can be the root cause of much of back pain suffered. Until now these movements could only be seen through using a complicated set of x-rays, both expensive and impractical in a clinic. With x-rays you are also exposed to a large dose of radiation with each analysis.

  • It gives precise information on the position and motion of each bone in your spine
  • Results are immediate so you can see straight away where your spine isn’t working correctly. The whole process only takes about five minutes
  • It doesn’t use x-rays so there is no radiation and the process is totally pain-free and non-invasive
  • We can accurately monitor your improvement by comparing further readings so you can see how treatment is helping you
  • It can be used along with a standard examination to determine the health of your spine and preventatively by check-ups to potentially reduce the risk of back pain

The myovision spinal scan is an innovative device to measure the shape and mobility of your spine. Measuring is fast, reliable and completely painless.

By simply positioning the myovision probes over your back, it records the position of each individual vertebra and using a special software programme, it displays this information as an on-screen 3D picture showing the shape and mobility of your back.

You also see graphs which show comparisons with normal reference ranges ie where your spine should be and how it should move.

We can immediately assess the condition of your spine, and you can see where your spine is not working as it should.

You will receive a full report of the findings of your scan.

Following on from the scan we can then tailor a treatment protocol which will be unique to you. The scan will provide information on what areas of your spine require particular attention.


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