Chi Foot Patches™

Chi Foot Patches™ is the amazing foot patch from Korea that offers you a safe, inexpensive, convenient, and effective way of maintaining good health through detoxification. Chi Foot Patches™ uses pure powdered wood and bamboo vinegar along with other natural ingredients to extract toxins from our bodies. This results in improving blood circulation, as well as easing muscle and joint pains. They can also beat bloating and reduce the appearance of cellulite. In addition, it has Negative Ion emissions known to promote better sleep.

Detoxifies the body while you sleep

Improves blood circulation

Eases muscle and joint pains

Promotes better sleep

Beat bloating and reduce the appearance of cellulite

External use, no side effects

Chi Foot Patches™ natural toxin absorbing foot patches, are used by simply sticking it onto the soles of your feet and leaving it for 8-10hrs. You will see it work as the pads turn from a dry yellowish-white powder to a damp brownish-grey indicating toxin absorption.

Do not wait until bodily toxins affect your health: make Chi Foot Patches™ a part of your regular Detox wellness program now!-

Click below to watch a short video of Chi Foot Patches

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