At the click of a button, the    pad will reach  our pads are safe and non toxic due to the innovative use of the salt based solution, Sodium Acetate.  On flexing the small metal disc inside the pad a molecular reaction is started causing the solution to crystallize.


Many people around the world feel the benefits of using   .


The variety of shapes and sizes make our pads ideal for the relief of muscular and joint pain.


Choose from:

The Pleasure Pad is one of our strongest sellers, providing over an hour of heat before gradually cooling down.  The shape and weight of the pad, makes it ideal for the relief of muscle and joint pain, allowing heat to penetrate problem areas such as the neck, lower back and sports injuries.  The Pleasure Pad is supplied with a cloth pouch, retaining heat for longer, whilst enabling the pad to strapped to specific areas of the body without constricting mobility. 

Specially designed to fit around the shoulders and neck, the Shoulder Pad provides up to two hours of heat before gradually cooling down.  The Shoulder Pad is also supplied with a strap pouch, providing comfort and convenience, enabling the pad to be fitted to different parts of the body.

The Foot Pad is specifically shaped to fit your feet.  It is the ideal product for improving poor circulation as well as aiding relaxation.  When used in conjunction with foot cream, it acts as highly effective beauty treatment.  Plastic straps allow you to strap them on like shoes, and once they have been clicked it is possible to walk on them.  The perfect product to rest your weary feet after a hard day at work!  Only sold in pairs.


The size and shape of the Hand Pad makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go, providing heat anytime and anywhere.  The Hand Pad has a multitude of uses, ideal for improving circulation, focusing heat on specific points of the body and as an alternative to massage treatments, for yourself and others.  It is highly recommended when used with massage oils

The Pocket Pad is small and convenient enough to take with you wherever you go.  Ideal pocket size to warm your hands, hat, helmet, or even relieve aches and pains.  The Pocket Pad provides instant heat making it particularly useful when playing outdoor sports, such as golf, football, skiing and fishing.  The small pads are fun to play with when holding it in your palm; a great gift for adults and children. 

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Heat in a Click Pleasure

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Heat in a Click Pocket Size

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Heat in a Click Shoulders

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