Simple, Reliable, Accurate Health Tests for the Home and Work Place!

general health testsComplete Home Health Test £50 (Save £13 when buying the tests individually)

This test pack is accurate, fast and easy to do, and will help to check for the most common health problems that may occur at any time of life.

The pack will test for any Cholesterol, Diabetes, Bowel, Liver and Kidney problems.

As featured in Viva Health Catalogue 2007.

Colon (Bowel) Test £12

Why might I need this test?

Colon cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer and early detection is vital. The sooner it is detected, the greater are the chances of successful treatment. If it is treated at an early stage, the survival rate exceeds 90%.

This test can be performed without any dietary restrictions and can be performed quickly, results are obtained within a couple of minutes.

general health testsHDL and Total Cholesterol Test £15

In Western countries, coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death. An elevated blood cholesterol level is one of the major risk factors for coronary heart disease. However, not only the concentration of the total cholesterol is important, but also the ratio between the "good" HDL cholesterol and the "bad" LDL cholesterol.

The MiraTes Cholesterol HomeTest + consists of two tests which enables you to calculate your total cholesterol/HDL cholesterol ratio. This ratio gives a reliable impression of your personal risk for coronary heart disease.

diabetes testsVisual Diabetes Home screening tests £10

Why is this test needed?

Approximately 50% of people with diabetes don’t know they have it. Unhealthy diets, obesity and lack of exercise are the main causes of diabetes. If you have diabetes and are diagnosed early, you can be treated before illness develops.

This test is suitable for you to do at home and contains 2 test strips. If you obtain an abnormal result with the first strip, repeat the test using the second strip This test is simple to use and takes only 60 seconds.


Kidney Disease Test £13

Kidney disease is a disease where the kidneys stop functioning normally. The most common cause of kidney disease is diabetes.

This test is intended to detect the presence of protein and blood in the urine. These are indicators of the presence of kidney disease.



Liver Function Test £13

Liver disease refers to any disease or disorder that causes the liver to stop functioning as it should, examples of liver disease are cirrhosis and hepatitis.

This liver test detects abnormal levels of bilirubin and urobilinogen in urine, raised levels can indicate liver disease. It is recommended that you take this test if you are feeling generally unwell or are experiencing any of the following:

  • Nausea

  • Fatigue

  • Lack of appetite

  • Yellowing of the skin and eyes


Prostate Test £12

This test has been designed so that you can identify the levels of P.S.A. (Prostate Specific Antigen) present in your blood. P.S.A. is a chemical that appears in your bloodstream in higher concentrations when the gland is enlarged or cancerous. This test is easy to use and results can be read in 10 minutes


Stomach Ulcer Test £12

Using this diagnostic test, infection with H. pylori can be detected simply and reliably. All you need is one drop of blood, and the result can be read in just a few minutes.

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