Use the Amatsuhealth ambient CD as a tool to experience deeper states of meditation, to relax and let go of life’s everyday stresses

Meditation is an ocean of peace and tranquillity, its benefits will depend on the regularity and continuity you maintain, and on the depths to which you reach in each practical session. The power of meditation is in its experience.  

Meditation should not to be considered as an option in life. Whatever your age, vocation, or role in life, meditation must become a mandatory practice in your daily routine. Just as you brush and bathe each day, take time out to think of God, Truth or simply Love – that Unity which pervades all. You owe your Creator a gift; that gift can be willing meditation. Try it and take to it! But meditation is better done without an attitude of expectancy. To expect is to have conditions, mediation and its experience is unconditional. It is a process of becoming more aware.

The longer an individual practices meditation, the greater the likelihood that his or her goals and efforts will shift toward personal and spiritual growth. Many individuals who initially learn meditation for its self-regulatory aspects find that as their practice deepens they are drawn more and more into the realm of the "spiritual", i.e. beyond the body, mind and intellect.

Meditative music is consciously and sometimes intuitively used to soften moods, calm the mind, soothe tempers and emotions, uplift the soul and enliven the physical body. Sacred or temple music was created and used to arouse fervor as well as sincere devotion and atonement to higher or divine realm.

Music as therapy is one of the elements of vibrational medicine. The power of sound over the mind is quite dramatic, and brain wave patterns are instantly altered by different types of music. Most religious and spiritual groups make great use of this factor in their ceremonies and rituals. Mothers intuitively know how they have instinctively calmed upset children by humming a soft lullaby or song and soothed them to sleep in no time.

Rhythmic sound vibrations lead to deep concentration and relaxation, which bring inner peace. There is a gradual decrease of beta waves and a corresponding increase in alpha waves. The direct result of this process is a state of renewal on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and intellectual.

So sit or lie back and let the soothing sounds of Amatsuhealth Divine Residence permeate your being and help to relax your mind and soothe your soul alleviating your everyday stresses and elevating you to a higher spiritual realm. Remember, ‘Health is Wealth’…


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